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with illana burk & Rachel allen

Coming Summer 2019!

#GBBB will be a rad show where Rachel and Illana put their collective 20 years of content, business, and brand-building experience together to take all the stuff that’s good and bad about brick and mortar business and use it as a lens to learn better ONLINE business. So like ripped from the headlines. Law and Order Style. [Bum Bum.]

*With swearing.





 with illana burk

When you know what you’re doing, you can afford to get cocky.

Not all business education is created equal.

Business is not just one thing and neither are you. Creating, marketing, selling – it all comes down to the who behind the how. You do not have to follow what everyone else does. You have ALL the power. We are the courageous few who aspire to greatness AND goodness. We give. We earn. And we fuck with paradigms that crush our goddamn souls.

Integrity. Quality. Rebellion.

Business is the most powerful force in the modern world. Use it well.


Hi! I’m Illana. I’m your friendly potty-mouthed host of the Good Business Podcast. I also run Your Life’s Workshop, where we coach, teach, lead, and offer full digital creative services.

I have spent 10+ years helping people find and create their life’s work. From flower shops to marketing consultants, coffee shop owners to world-changing leaders – and just about everything in between – I work with rad people who are looking for ways to do great work without destroying the world around them.

Pretty soon, we’ll be adding The Good Business / Bad Business YouTube Show to the lineup and with it the downright wizard-like content development skills [and one-in-a-million smarts] of the one and only Rachel Allen of Bolt from the Blue Copywriting & Noun Meet Verb. 

Together, we want you to know that The Good Business Co. is for people who want to learn how to have sustainable, enriching, and profitable livlihoods. We make good learning for good people to have good businesses. 

And we help you make more money.

So there’s also that.

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