Business is FULL of opportunities for compromise. Options. Bad advice. The kind that tells you it’s OK to sacrifice your values. And as business owners, we are often asked to bend, shift, stretch. Change what we KNOW to be true to fit “The Rules”. Today we explore the one thing to NEVER do this on.

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Today’s episode is all about the one place in your business and leadership develop you absolutely can’t compromise on.

See, there are all kinds of things you can bend on and still succeed: social media, design, networking – they can all involve subtle shifts in how you think you want to do things vs how you NEED to do them.

But the one place you CAN’T is in the simple and clear delivery of how you keep your promises.

And what we are ACTUALLY talking about here is offer design.

There are two ways to design an offer. Both start in the same place – evaluate your skills and desires. This is how you figure out what you do for a living and who for. 

Give it a listen to learn the two ways.


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